MID CITY 07-'13 CL / S SmartKey Starter
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MID CITY 07-'13 CL / S SmartKey Starter


  • Plug-and-play remote start system for Mercedes-Benz
  • Works with factory key fob out of the box (‘Panic’ button or ‘lock-unlock-lock’)
  • Interfaces with Compustar Drone and Directed Smart Start smart phone control interfaces and RF remotes (for extended range)
  • Automatically turns on heated seats and rear-defroster based on programmable outside temperature
  • Automatically turns on cooling seats based on programmable outside temperature (if applicable-cooling seats feature must be programmed through Compustar firmware programmer and computer)
  • Seamless solution that does not disrupt integrity of the vehicle, keeping all warranties intact
  • User-friendly programmability from steering wheel controls.  Adjust options like run time, number of starts, heated seat temp. threshold, light flashes, and number of starts. 
  • Industry leading automotive hardware and firmware

MSRP: $599.00
  • Availability: In stock
  • Brand : Mid City Engineering
  • Make Compatibility : Mercedes
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