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New & Improved Design

Redesigned to provide the best possible product, the Red Atom in-ceiling speakers are ideal for discreet installations in home theaters, bedrooms, living rooms, and more. With new features like smoother swiveling tweeters, increased magnets to hold the zero-bezel grill tighter, and gold binding posts, Red Atom in-ceiling speakers are the perfect option for CEDIA integrators.

Red Atom In-Ceiling Speaker
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Expanded Family of Speakers

Now available in 3 options that allow for additional installation opportunities: the new 8” 2-way pair, a new 6.5” dual-tweeter single and the 6.5” 2-way speaker pair. All Red Atom in-ceiling speakers feature a new 3-screw design with aggressive thread patterns to speed up the install time. The increased number of magnets creates an even stronger hold for the zero-bezel paintable grills.

“The Red Atom speaker value and quality is exceptional!”

Shane Knight, Signature Home Theater

Solid Construction For Immersive Sound & Reliable Long Life

Constructed of top quality materials, the Red Atom in-Ceiling speakers have specially designed woofers with linear long throw butyl rubber surrounds for long life and superior damping. Pivoting rigid dome tweeters are utilized for excellent high frequency dispersion throughout your entire listening environment. The reinforced tweeter bridge provides a solid brace during installations.

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Gold Terminals

Developed with Integrators in Mind

Red Atom speakers were built to the highest standards. Featuring gold plated terminals, a rigid cut out template, pivoting dome tweeters, and much more. The Red Atom speakers were engineered from the ground up with consideration for the integrator. Experience the high degree of clarity and spacious imaging of the Red Atom in-Ceiling speakers today!