Sony Ultra Slim Wall Mount for A8G & A9G OLED TVs
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Sony Ultra Slim Wall Mount for A8G & A9G OLED TVs


  • Blends into your room-Make the most of your living space. With this wall-mount bracket, your TV blends beautifully into any room, like a work of art.
  • Better viewing, easier access with swivel function-Swivel your wall-mounted TV up to 21° using the bracket. This allows you to quickly adjust the angle of the TV, for an optimum viewing experience and easy access to connections.
  • Fits close to the wall-Despite featuring a swivel function, this bracket is slim enough to allow the TV to be mounted only 0.86 inches (22 mm) from the wall.
  • Vertically straight with magnet lock-Fit your TV parallel to the wall. A magnet lock ensures the upper part of the TV does not lean forward when mounted close to the wall, for a more enjoyable viewing experience.
  • Safe and Easy Installation-The Ultra Slim Wall-Mount Bracket is designed for safe and easy installation, while the magnetic lock system and lateral shift bracket provide secure installation.
  • Swivels up to 21°
  • Hang your TV 0.86 inches (22 mm) from the wall 
  • Provides easy access to wall-mount connections
  • Designed for safe and easy installation

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