Upcoming Webinars and Trainings

October 28, 2020

WilsonPro Training

Learn about WilsonPro, 5G, and the latest product information.

9AM ET webinar1PM ET webinar

November 11, 2020

Samsung TV & Home Audio Product Training


1PM ET webinar5PM ET webinar

December 8, 2020

Ethereal HDMI Solutions Webinar

Find out why Metra's been leading the march for higher quality cables and problem solving solutions to continuously offer more reliable HDMI options.

1PM ET webinar5:30PM ET webinar

January 6, 2021

WilsonPro Cellular Boosters

Find out what you can do to solve your customer’s cellular signal needs.

9AM ET webinar1PM ET webinar

January 20, 2021

Sonos - Digital Dealer Event

Get the latest updates & news that will enhance integrating Sonos into your customers homes.

9AM ET webinar1PM ET webinar